Call for Resistance and Mobilization against COVID-19 and its disguised promoters.
 Dear Members of the International Coalition Against Coronavirus and other pandemics,
 I wish you a very good start to the week with the help of divine grace throughout this period of world crisis.
 As announced, here we are at the start of our fortnight of communication and general mobilization against the Covid19 and its ravages.
 This pandemic with its variable geometry diagnostics and treatments has finally convinced us that this virus is not natural.
 I would like to invite you to observe with special attention everything that is going on around you to understand with us that there are events and attitudes that should challenge us all and encourage each of us to raise our voice but above all to  increase mobilizations in our different countries.
 Our reaction must be equal to the attack.
 1 Observe with us that France has stopped supplying Senegal with medicines, especially those that could enter into the treatment of COVID-19, without a scientifically justifiable reason.
 2 The Republic of Madagascar with the help of our brother Dr. Jérôme Munyangi found its remedy (preventive and curative) against COVID-19, but the same France, the WHO and its henchmen are agitated to thwart this country of  worthy President André Rajoelina (we are informed that he is the subject of blackmail and attempted corruption to liquidate his people).  And still the life of our compatriot Dr Jérôme Muyangi threatened according to our information.  This is unacceptable.
 3 Today, the same people who control the big banks in Europe and carpet in the United States through the American Federal Bank which is actually a private bank (institutional scam !!) have just bought almost all of the companies that  'they previously pushed for bankruptcy.
 So they now impose a virtual monopoly in the West.  We can already imagine the situation of workers whose less glowing salaries will deteriorate further.
 Remember that these Westerners (American and European) had tried to criticize China when this country, feeling the recession with the bankruptcy of all Western companies in its space, had bought almost all of the threatened companies to nationalize them.
 Today, therefore, in the midst of a global economic recession, these rich people are experiencing an unprecedented financial boom.
 Curious all the same.
  So who benefits from the crime?
 4 Today, thanks to your heroic resistance to the propaganda of fear and medico-media terrorism, the populations of the world are becoming more and more aware of their deception.  It is in this context of resistance that Bill Gate and others decides to predict more deaths in Africa and the imminence with the key, the announcement of new more deadly pandemics from which we can only escape with the magic vaccine  that his foundation offers.
 Dear CICC members, sympathizers and leaders (ICAC in English),
 Dear Africans from here and from the Diaspora,
 Dear citizens of the world, Defenders of life and the human race,
 The time has finally come for revival and united action between peoples for our collective survival and the reappropriation of our destinies, gravely threatened by men without faith or law,
 The role of our Coalition is avant-garde and it is our duty to launch the general call to mobilization against all those who want to rule the world without the real elected leaders and especially without us, the peoples who hold unique legitimacy,  equality and sovereignty.
 It is time to denounce those who still believe that we are asleep and who want to bind our hands, our feet and especially our brains by their intoxications and the terrors orchestrated with the complicity of certain leaders trapped in the net of ultra liberalism.
 Dear cohabitants of the earth,
 Dear leaders and sympathizers of the International Coalition Against the Coronavirus, I invite you to open your hearts now to listen to the attachment of all peoples to life as it has been given to us.  Pure, simple and natural.
 The CICC invites you to close the ranks of human brotherhood to wage this inevitable war of self-defense that is imposed on us all.
 The CICC invites you to take an international leap to free us together from the peril that awaits us all.
 The hour is serious and nothing will be as before.
 Time is now playing against us and we must assert without moderation that we stand in solidarity with Presidents Rajoelina André and Macky Sall of Madagascar and Senegal respectively.
 We stand in solidarity with all African scientists and researchers who find concrete solutions to the pandemics that still devastate Africa and all of humanity.
 Our responsibility is to give back to the UN, WHO, AU, EU, the humanist trajectory that they have sacrificed for the benefit of unelected decision-makers who violate our sovereignty and our fundamental freedoms.
 We can because the duty of the people is to change the order of things and put an end to the heist and the technological terrorism that is brewing against us.
 The Executive Secretariat of the CICC invites all the Representatives and leaders of the National Coalitions to set up immediately High Level Committees responsible for negotiating on the one hand with our different governments and on the other hand with the driving forces of the  African and international civil society in order to obtain, through popular mobilization, unilateral policies of depopulation, compulsory vaccines and persecution of our peoples and their leaders.
 These negotiating committees must necessarily associate all our strategic partners determined for the advent of a governance and a new civilization of freedom, justice and humanism free from this barbarism without faith or law.
 The CICC invites you to get up today and say everywhere that you are on a mission for life and human dignity.
 To all of you say that the hour of international solidarity for the peoples and their legitimate leaders has just struck to end the dictatorship of the arsonists of the international bureaucracy.
 Africa will not experience the slaughter, and the planned genocide will not take place.
 Together let us kill COVID19 for the definitive liberation of our African Continent and of the human race.
 Thank you
 Toure Moussa Zeguen
 President of the International Executive Secretariat CICC
 WhatsApp 0022961476491


Lets Unite to defeat this cicvilisation of barbarism for a new world offreedom peace justice and


Neo Liberalism must be defeated for what they have done against huaman race with covid19

Bill Gate is our enemy for his vaccin

Their Conspiracy with never succed because we are ready to do the sacrifice needed for human race