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COVID-19 ALERT IN AFRICA. 14 th Address
 Press Statement from the International Executive Secretariat of May 9, 2020
 "No to Compulsory Screenings. No to Vaccines and Containment in Africa and elsewhere in the world."
 Considering the different realities, information and campaigns in progress in the world the International Coalition Against the Coronavirus and the other pandemics # CICC informs the African people that this pandemic of covid19 is indeed a natural disaster caused by humans who planned everything in order  to obtain precise results which they believed to obtain following a prolonged confinement, prolonged closings of the companies and place of work, collective reflections, prayers or meditations and various exchanges which raise the spirits, the consciences and the  moral of the people.
 Considering that the process of prevention or even cure always depends mainly on the mind, confidence or faith of the patient, while the whole process put in place by WHO and certain governments responds to the sole purpose of  destroy the morale of healthy people and also the sick,
 Considering that the cacophony noted around the origins, symptoms and therapies attached to covid19 are additional sources of destruction of the confidence of the peoples of the whole world and in particular Africans in these institutions which have demonstrated their carelessness and complicity on several occasions in Africa  and around the world with the example of malaria and HIV AIDS
 Finally, in view of the assessments of thousands of COVID-19 deaths in America and Europe which were only possible thanks to the complicity, greed and indifference of the leaders or certain institutions that we know.
 Especially in view of the relentlessness of these institutions and personalities in wanting to bypass the great foci of contamination and death of COVID-19 in Europe and America to come and focus on Africa with their tests for screening, ineffective treatments and  vaccines the CICC decides:
 1 / To declare the ineffectiveness of prolonged confinements and requests the immediate and immediate reopening of public and private companies to allow men and women to resume their daily activities.
 2 / Support the sustainable maintenance of barrier measures in order to raise awareness and improve the isolation of people with the virus.  Wearing the mask has proven its effectiveness on every nook and cranny of the planet.
 Convinced that we are in the great probability of a second wave of the COVID crisis19, as is customary, almost everywhere for epidemics of fevers and viruses, the CICC requires everyone to observe the port for several months  masks and strict compliance with distancing measures.
 3 / Advise treatments according to the set of treatments available with natural endogenous medicine whose prowess has been proven for centuries around the world and so-called modern medicine of derived chemicals, while taking into account its undesirable side effects and  dangerous.
 Therefore we vigorously reaffirm our support for Artemesia, Covid Organic from Madagascar, Apivirine from Dr Valentin Agon and other African finds.
 4 / The CICC asks Africans and people of African origin throughout the world to categorically refuse any screening tests until proven otherwise because in many places in the West and in Africa there is evidence of the existence of  screening tests already contaminated (Canada) and defective ineffective or truncated in advance (Tanzania).
 Several cases before the latter had found defective tests in Spain and Italy or even in the United States for several reasons different from each other and often hidden in a curious way.
 5 / The CICC reaffirms its categorical opposition to the unjustified vaccination campaigns planned in Africa and rather advises the WHO and Bill Gates and others to start with America, Europe and China first before coming back to thinking about the  Africa which accounts for only 1% of the 250,000 already observed on the planet of victims of COVID-19.
 In the event of a repeat offense, the CICC reserves the right to ask the African governments to refuse the presence on African territory, of a list of a certain number of institutions and people that we will make public at short notice.
 6 / The CICC urges the
 release of prisoners in Africa according to the vulnerability criteria set out by the UN and supplemented by the CICC.
  The CICC therefore invites African civil society to use all legal means of pressure and awareness-raising such as negotiations, petitions, press statements, sit-ins etc.
 7 / Finally the International Coalition Against the Coronavirus and the other pandemics # CICC asks the peoples of Africa and the world to redouble their vigilance and ardor and solidarity in this fight against this pandemic imposed on the human race by those who have  wanted and planned a satanic and genocidal depopulation which only responds to their destructive, ultra-liberal and demagogic interests.
 Indeed the enemy and its objectives being known no lightness on our part can be tolerated because the danger is already there at our doors now.
 This war against the Coronavirus is now daily, permanent and total (with almost 3 million contaminations for more than 250,000 dead already) because it is a question of saving the whole human race against the rich mafia (whom we know) without faith  nor law by our general revolt in unity, Solidarity and dignity.
 The CICC invites the peoples of the world without distinction of nationality, regions, religions, political edges to unite us for life in order to redefine a new International Humanist Alliance for a Credible Alternative in a new Social Contract between us, in order to us  choose a New elite and a new Universal Civilization conducive to life and the integral development of man in a healthy environment.
 Together let us kill COVID19 for the definitive liberation of our African continent and of the human race.
 May God keep us and guide us in the struggle for Total Transformation, Progress and Deep Peace.
 Made in Africa
 May 9, 2020
 For the CICC Executive Secretariat
 Toure Moussa Zeguen
 WhatsApp 0022961476491
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